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Spine Massager (Set)

Effective solution for all back pain sufferers. Designed for universal fit, fully adjustable and comfortable to wear. One investment for life!

Special GIFT offer: With purchase of this product you receive a Head Massager as a gift. This offer lasts untill 30.9.2010!

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KOSMODISK® is an effective, clinically tested device, designed by experts to relieve or remedy pain in the spine and back area. Combined test results show up to 80% improvements in back pain.

The KOSMODISK CLASSIC package contains:

  • Spine Massager for the entire torso
  • Lower Back Massager for the lower back
  • Cotton carry bag
  • Kosmodisk Exercise Program – created to relieve and prevent back pain

The massaging effect of the Kosmodisk stimulates the muscles close to the spine area. That in turn generates warmth which eases blood-circulation, which soothes your muscles and reduces tension.

It is very practical, easily adjustable to everybody’s torso because of the unique adjustment system and comfortable to wear. When wearing the Kosmodisk you will be able to enjoy the benefits of relaxation while working, shopping, driving, exercising, resting, traveling, sleeping…
We especially recommend it to people who are more at risk to back injuries or back pain; pregnant women, professional drivers, sedentary workers, labourers…

  • Temporary or complete back pain relief when used
  • Entirely natural - no drugs or chemicals
  • Easy to wear at work, play or relaxing
  • Comfortable and fully adjustable
  • One investment for life
  • No risk / 30 days Money-back guarantee

The KOSMODISK CLASSIC Spine Massager should be used whenever pain strikes. We recommend using the Kosmodisk for 10-20 days – during which the Kosmodisk should be worn for at least three hours per day.

The Kosmodisk can be worn either over or under light clothing. However you will experience the best effects when wearing Kosmodisk directly on the skin. The ribbed part of the Kosmodisk should always be turned towards the body.

After using it for a longer period you can wash it with warm water and a brush. Use a biodegradable soap which does not irritate the skin. Do not attempt to wash your Kosmodisk in your washing machine.

The Kosmodisk will work as long as its shape remains undamaged. Before using the Kosmodisk, inspect the product for any damage.



Back Care Tips for driving

Most of us drive to get to work, for a social life and just to get things done, therefore it's important to minimize the amount of stress on your back and change some driving habits to make your driving experience more comfortable. You can reduce stress and its effects in several ways.

Sitting comfortably

Even the best car seats cannot replicate an ideal sitting posture because of the physical limitations of car design (at present), however you should look for a car seat that offers good lumbar support and allows you to reach the foot pedals without feeling cramped or ovestretched.


  • When driving, maintain an upright position, adjust the angle of your back rest that your arms are positioned comfortably on the steering wheel, and ensure that you have a clear view of the road.
  • Adjust your mirrors carefully as making full use of them will minimise the need for you to twist around in your seat.
  • Try to change your driving position by adjusting the seat from time to time.
  • If you have armrests, use them. They should be adjusted so as to give a gentle nudge of support to the elbows.

Take regular breaks

Try out different driving time limits to suit you. For some people who are prone to back pain even an hour long to drive might be too long. Ideally, when travelling long distances, you should stop and take a break every hour.


  • Walk around and do any back pain relief stretches.
  • If you are stopping at a service/gas station do not just go and sit in the café but move and walk around for about 10 – 15 minutes.
  • If it’s a long journey if possible try to share the driving. Being a passenger is a little less stressful on your back and you may be able to move around a bit more in the seat while travelling.
  • When you finish your journey remember to stretch!

Back & lumbar support

Adjust back rest so it provides continuous support along the length of the back and is in contact up to shoulder height. Seat should be at about 10-15 degree incline from vertical. If you find this unnatural, the backrest may not be upright enough for you, and may bring strain on neck and coccyx (bottom of the back). Bring the backrest upright a bit, place a small folded towel or use a lumbar support cushion that will give extra support to your back.


  • Try special Kosmodisk model – the KOSMODISK PRESTIGE Car Application that will besides beneficial massage provide also additional support to the spine while driving.

Relax, drink plenty of water and change your responses to stress

When you get stuck in traffic you could think about something pleasant rather than being disturbed. This is however very much an attitude or a personal thing. What works for you? It could be singing, listening certain type of music…

More Tips:

  • During long journey, especially in the summer time, it is easy to get dehydrated which is not good for your back and your general health. Don't wait until you are thirsty to decide to drink. Fluid replacement is part of a daily plan. Keep bottle of water always in the car.
  • Do not carry your mobile phone or wallet in your back pocket. Carrying an item in a back pocket can create an abnormal sitting position tilting one hip higher which may cause you to have more problems.

Experience the benefits of the KOSMODISK PRESTIGE Car Application by yourself! Kosmodisk ribs gently massage your back, relax muscles, improve circulation and relieve pain.


KOSMODISK® has been providing safe, effective and simple solutions for back pain sufferers regardless of age, gender or profession for over 18 years.


Almost 80% of people will experience back pain at some time during their lives. The KOSMODISK CLASSIC Set is a clinically tested device that stimulates muscles close to the spine area with gentle pressure, much like the fingers of a physiotherpaist or massseur. A complete, safe and natural solution for back pain sufferers with over 2,000,000 satisfied users worldwide.

  • Relieves or remedies pain in the spine and lower back
  • Heats, soothes and relaxes tired back muscles
  • Comforts aches and pains
  • Very practical, easily adjustable and comfortable
  • Universal size
  • One investment for life!

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If you have lower back pain, you are not alone. Nearly everyone at some point has back pain that interferes with work, routine daily activities, or recreation. The KOSMODISK ACTIVE Sports Belt was developed in cooperation with experts and professional athletes. Includes lumbar Kosmodisk and Back Belt with extra elastic straps. Available in 4 sizes.

  • Temporary or complete lower back pain relief
  • Promotes muscle relaxation after sport activities
  • Provides abdominal support
  • Protects back muscles by keeping them warm;
  • Comfortable and practical to wear
  • 3in1 safe, effective & clinicaly tested lower back pain solution!

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Provide effective and adjustable support to your knee, wrist and/or ankle. Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear. Made of breathable material, pleasant for the skin.

  • Relieves pain and prevents re-injury
  • Supports and warms
  • Easily adjustable Velcro® straps
  • Fits right or left knee, wrist and/or ankle
  • One size fits all
  • Joint support and protection!

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KOSMODISK LIFE Massage Therapy products

Massage therapy has become an important part of general health care for many people living in today’s stressful world. The KOSMODISK LIFE Massage Therapy products offer a range of safe, effective and simple massage products that can help you release tension and stress as well as relieve your aches and pains on a regular basis at your home, in your office, wherever you are.

  • Feet Rest Massager - A true relief for your aching feet! Comfortable feet massage with two powerful vibrating massage motors anytime, anywhere.
  • Chiropractic Massage Pillow – Anatomically shaped to support your lower back and neck, and eases tension with 2-speed gentle massage action.
  • Body Roll Massage Pillow – A multi-use massage pillow with exclusive 2-in1 features. Provides massage therapy and support your neck, back and knee.
  • Enjoy your life in comfort!

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Therapeutic massage gel with menthol and essential oils, produced from natural resources. It's quick to absorb, it moisturies and nurtures the skin.

  • Relaxes and relieves fatigue
  • Revives muscles after physical strain
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Improves joint flexibility
  • Pleasently cooling and refreshing, relieves pain
  • Perfect combination with any of the KOSMODISK® products!

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Take care of your back in the comfort of your own home. Join family of KOSMODISK® satisfied users and Enjoy your life again!

KOSMODISK® Brand Protection

Authenticity Statement

Since its beginnings in 1991, KOSMODISK® has become one of the most recognized brands in the back care field, offering consumers safe, effective and simple back pain solutions.

As KOSMODISK® growths and extends, counterfeits and unauthorized distributors and retailers are making fake KOSMODISK products, cheap knockoffs that are often mistaken for an authentic one.

The only way to experience the benefits of a true KOSMODISK® product is by heading to one of our authorized distributors or retailers or shopping our official website (http://www.shop.kosmodisk.com).

KOSMODISK products that are most likely to be counterfeited are products with unique and patent protected shape of the vertebrae node - Kosmodisk Classic, Kosmodisk Active and Kosmodisk Prestige products – manufactured originally in Slovenia, EU.

IMPORTANT: If you think you have counterfeit or fake product, have been told you purchased an original KOSMODISK product (Example: Kosmodisk Classic Set/Spine Massager or Kosmodisk Active Sports Belt) when in fact it is a knock-off product or brand, or have seen our products other than in one of our authorized distributors or retailers, let us know! You can email us at legal.kosmodisk@studio-moderna.com. We appreciate your help.


How do I make sure I am purchasing true KOSMODISK® products?

There are 2 ways to purchase original KOSMODISK® products:

  1. Through one of our authorized distributors, retailers and dealers, or
  2. Through our official online shop at http://www.shop.kosmodisk.com

NOTE: You may find KOSMODISK products on other websites, auction sites or in stores, but you can only find true, original KOSMODISK® products with 100% guarantee & warranty from one of these three places. If you find a KOSMODISK product in any other place than these, then beware most likely it's not the real, original one!

Authentic and original KOSMODISK® products are not sold by street or door-to-door vendors.

Risk and Warranty Policy

We guarantee 30 days MONEY BACK return policy and WARRANTY only for the original KOSMODISK® products when purchased through authorized places. You can not refer to that policy and return KOSMODISK products that you bought on eBay or any other auction site, or any other unauthorized distributors and retailers. If you do find products listed on eBay they are most likely not originals, used, or from an unauthorized retailer.

Be extra cautious when purchasing products from online sources – particularly online auctions – as it is favorite »venue« for selling counterfeit products.

We are doing anything and everything we can to protect our customers and KOSMODISK® brand. If you think you have seen counterfeit KOSMODISK products or have been told a knock-off brand is a KOSMODISK product, let us know. Send us an email at legal.kosmodisk@studio-moderna.com.

KOSMODISK® authorized distributors or retailers

The original KOSMODISK® products can be purchased with following authorized distributors, retailers or dealers:


8 Ball Rd Heatherton
3202 Victoria

Tel: +61 438 223 323
Email: michael@kosmodisk.com.au
Web: www.kosmodisk.com.au

Quant Medtechnik GmbH

Uhlandstraße 193
10623 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 209 17 60
Email: info@medtechnika.de
Web: www.kosmodisk-shop.de

Trans East Metal Ltd (Bradex)

95 Amaginim Ave
35024 Haifa

Tel: +972 485 218 24
Email: admiralb@netvision.net.il
Web: www.kosmodisk.co.il


150 Locked Road
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 208 42 42 226
Email: kosmodisk@astranovashop.com
Web: www.kosmodisk.co.uk

Medactiveusa Corp.

Medactiveusa Corp.
75 Pension Rd
United States

Tel: +1 732 851 410 5
Email: m.sudit@gmail.com
Web: http://www.beriozkashop.com

Anica Živko

“KOSMODISK PRESTIGE offers me comfort in the car and is the right thing for me!”

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